Fun Job Fair

KNOW and LIKE. So your job as a job seeker is to get people to KNOW you and LIKE you. And you can’t do that at a typical job fair where thousands of other applicants are vying for the same 30 seconds with a rep. It’s hard to stand out and get them to really know you, if you even get to meet with them at all. Fun Job Fairs was created as an alternative to the job fair mills. First of all, they are limited to only 100 job seekers. Instead of getting 30 seconds, job seekers get 2 hours with the HR reps. That way they have a chance to get to know you and hopefully like you. Second, instead of standing in a long line for hours, you will be bowling, playing miniature golf, watching a comedy show, playing billiards, or any other unique and fun activities while interacting and spending time with the very people who can hire you. The 3 hour fair includes:

  • Activities & meetings with HR
  • Food
  • Pre-fair prep
  • 30 minute seminar
  • Free ebook “A Pink Slip is a Gift”

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