Job Interview Follow Up

The next step is to follow up with an email. This should be enough follow up to get a response of some kind from them. Maybe they are busy or still interviewing other candidates. But let them know you are still interested and keep your name in front of them. Ask them if there is anything else they need from you to help them make their decision. The next communication could be a phone call. By now they will know your name and that you\’re still interested. But how do you know if you\’re being persistent and interested or just being a pest in their eyes? That\’s when your intuition should kick in. If you get the feeling from talking to them that they simply aren\’t interested, then move on. If you get the feeling that you\’re still in the running, send one final piece of correspondence that makes sure you have given them everything they need to hire you and only you for the job. If all of this doesn\’t work, move on. You should have many other prospects lined up anyway. Don\’t ever count on any single job. Keep moving until you find the right fit.