6 Ways to Expand Your Cultural Knowledge

The more global the world becomes, the more diversified the workplace becomes. This means working with and understanding a variety of people from other cultures. Expanding your cultural knowledge will become even more important in the future.

In my own business I work with people in over 20 countries on a daily basis, so I get to learn a lot from them about their culture and how business works in their own countries. It\’s been a great crash course in international business that I couldn\’t get from going to college.

I\’ve been told that you really master a foreign language if you\’re able to speak to them using their own slang. Imagine someone in an office jokingly telling an employee to \”keep their nose to the grindstone\”. Someone from another culture who took that literally might be really frightened off by it. And every part of each country has their own slang. [Read more…]