Are You an Innovative Employee?

As someone who has started several start up companies, I prefer hiring innovative employees. Why? For one thing they tend to be self starters. I’m able to give them the overall big picture and they get it quickly. I don’t have to hand hold them. I can also trust that they will make the right decisions on their own if I’m not around to discuss it with them.

Another thing is that they tend to bring something extra to the table. Innovative employees are great problem solvers. This is the main reason I prefer to hire them. I’m good at seeing one side of my own business, but an employee with a creative mind is able to see things I can’t see because I’m too close to the company.

If you recognize that you are this type of employee you might want to look for a job at a start up company. The pay may not be as good, but what you’ll learn will be invaluable. If you work for a start up you can bet that your boss is going to be an innovator themselves. There’s a lot to learn from someone who goes out on a limb to start a new company. If you keep your eyes and ears open you’ll get some lessons you never learned in school.

Employees in a small start up company usually don’t have much of a job title. Or if they do, they’ll end up doing multiple jobs anyway. This allows you to learn while getting paid for it. Make the most of it and learn what you can.

People who are only in a job for a paycheck usually don’t fit into the culture of a start up. You would do better to find a job in a company that appreciates your work style. One where you won’t have as much say as far as creativity.

I’ve been told that creative employees will just up and leave me some day to start their own businesses. If that happens I will be the first to encourage them. In the meantime I get a problem solver who understands how to help improve my bottom line.