Job Fairs for the Jobless

\"LosFor months, all we\’ve heard from endless political ads and sound bites is how \”we need to put the American people back to work.\” But in this 24-hour-news world, that\’s become a song with no end. The jobless are facing an uphill battle and staying jobless for longer periods of time than ever before.

On top of that, the organization that goes into these job fairs, the press releases, the photo-ops – all the businesses that tout how many jobs they have to offer … and all the disappointed folks who walk away not getting them. It\’s enough to make you wonder if these job fairs even serve a purpose.

Is it about all the companies that are there? The TV cameras?

Heading out to a job fair these days, it is obvious, they are about: Desperation. Regret. Failure. Effort. Loss. Grief. All of it reinforced by massive job losses, from financial services to construction.

There, in the long line of hundreds, thousands of people waiting to get in are the faces of the jobless, the unemployed.

Many – often in the thousands – would not get a job that day.

Sometimes the job fairs are so packed that employers have to leave – with no materials left to hand out, overwhelmed by so many inquiries.

Fun Job Fairs is a different approach – an opportunity for you to meet prospective employers in a more relaxed environment.