The Job Market is Still a Buyer’s Market

A buyer’s market is when supply exceeds demand. This means that purchasers have an advantage over sellers and can negotiate lower prices. We usually hear this term applied to the housing market when the buyers have the advantage over sellers in the market and have their pick of choices at lower prices. Like the housing […]

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Are You a Job Hopper?

If you\’ve sent out tons of resumes and haven\’t heard back from any of them, maybe it\’s because they consider you a job hopper. When you have hundreds or thousands of resumes to sort through, one thing that stands out is the fact that you\’ve had way too many jobs in too short of a […]

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Proof the Offline Job Search Still Works

The Street Smart Job Search\” I\’ve been telling people for years that you can\’t simply hide behind a computer and email out a resume. You must make a human connection. A business research company called Whale Path recently  conducted a survey to find out how employees found their employees. I\’m happy to say that my […]

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